Our talents' passion for what they do becomes our motivation
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When it comes to executing successfully, SILERA Media Group is mastering the creation and preservation of close relationships with all clients and understanding their needs and goals, which adds incredible value for our Talent. Our mission is to highlight the values of each of our talents for specific clients while handling all aspects of the talent’s image. We strive to proactively create value for our talents by consistently sharing new ideas and opportunities on the Mass media and Social media in order to reach various outlets using image, communication, and status.

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International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP)


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For more than 30 years working in the Media, we have seen many marketing and management strategies that are not reaching all media platforms at the local, regional, state, national, and even international level, thus, hindering their talent clients’ growth. Today, all media has a straightforward attachment with social media networks. That is why we analyze the needs for each Talent and match it with the clients and their product’s needs. We specialized in researching, analyzing, and recommending the best options to help them achieve their career goals. Having a team of experts who have vast experience in the industry and know what, where, how, who, and which requirements are needed for our talents’ success. Our goal is to be every Talent growth partner and manager in order to connect them to the world.

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